Taking Awkwardness Out Of Writing Birthday Greetings

Reaching out to a fellow employee, your boss or even and old acquaintance on their birthday seems like a normal thing to do, but how do you go about it?

Sometimes when we write thank you messages for birthday greetings they come off as awkward and stiff.  Having a template to follow will help you get over this feeling and guide you in writing a genuine thank you message for birthday greetings.

You can view how to write business messages here.

First things first, you need to clearly establish your relationship with the person you are writing to.  Your relationship with the person will dictate the tone, language and style you write with.  You won’t talk to your best friend and boss the same way (unless they happen to be the same person) so you don’t want to send them the same birthday greeting.

If you want to write a formal birthday greeting for a boss or supervisor, keep it short and simple.  Chances are because of your professional relationship they aren’t expecting anything from you.  No need to pour your heart out and let them know exactly what it is about them you admire.  Here are some phrases you can use to open your thank you message for birthday greetings:

  • “Another year older another year wiser, happy birthday (insert name)”
  • “(Insert name), have a great birthday! Don’t work too hard today!”
  • “Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day (insert name)”

If you’re going for a formal birthday letter then you probably won’t need to include more than just a quick line wishing the person well. Keep it short and simple, don’t overthink the letter.

If you’re writing a more personal letter, now you have the ability to be more creative and fun.  If you’re writing a letter to a fellow employee or friend, you can include inside jokes, poke fun at the persons age (if they’re ok with it) or write a heartfelt message.

Do what you feel is most comfortable between you and the person.  Don’t fall for the trap that you need to say something clever or memorable in your letter.  Simply letting someone know you’re thinking about them goes a long way.  You can read up here on how to say thank you for the birthday wishes you received.