Writing Thank You Messages For Birthday Greetings

I don’t know about you, but the most awkward part of my birthday is coming up with thank you messages for birthday greetings that I get.

Don’t get me wrong, I more than appreciate the wishes I get.  I just find myself sounding like a broken record constantly thanking everyone over and over and being worried about leaving someone out.

Recently, I discovered how useful having templates for thank you messages for birthday greetings is.  It’s a life saver that has made my birthday a little less awkward and takes some pressure off of my shoulders.

The most important part of writing thank you messages for birthday greetings is being sincere.  I used to fall in the trap that I had to thank everyone for my birthday in a creative and memorable way.  I would put myself under unnecessary pressure and bomb every time.

Keep your thank you messages for birthday greetings simple.  Just acknowledging someone goes a long way.  One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll thank different people in different way.  You won’t thank a family member and a sibling the same way so keep this in mind. When it comes to thanking people for their birthday wishes, you can use many of the same principles as writing a letter of appreciation.

Delivering thank you messages for birthday greetings

If possible, deliver you thank you message for your birthday greeting in person.  This way you can look the person in the face and genuinely thank them for remembering your birthday.  This also save you the expense of buying a card or writing a letter!

The second preferred way to deliver your thank you message for birthday greetings is by telephone.  Don’t overthink it; a simple 2 minute phone conversation is all you need.  Just check in with the person and let them know you were thinking about them.  Thank them for their birthday wish and let them know you had a great birthday.

Another way to deliver you thanks is by letter.  The following tips apply for traditional letters, emails or even texts.  When writing a thank you message, tone is very important.  If you know the person you can be more free and liberal, if its a professional acquaintance then keep it simple and professional.

The rest of this article will be dedicated to giving you examples of what to include in your letter and different phrases you can you use. Take what works for you and leave the rest.  Let us know in the comments what works best for you!

Thank you messages for birthday greetings samples

Hello my dear [name],

I really thank you for remembering this very special day. I may be miles away from you, but you still found time to call me, greet me over Facebook, send me a gift and a greeting card, and blow me a kiss. You’re very sweet. It really made me miss you more. I did celebrate my birthday with a few friends, but I know it would be very much different with you.

See you in a few days. I love you!


[Your name]

My dearest [name],

I really had a blast yesterday. Thanks for preparing making my special day even more special. I appreciate the time and effort that you spent preparing for this day. I honestly did not expect anything much. A sweet dinner was all in my mind — but the gifts that you gave, the places that we’ve visited, and the words that you’ve said are way past my imaginations. Until now, I’m still wishing that yesterday shouldn’t have ended. I know that we’ll be having more days like this in the future. Thank you and I love you so much!

With much love,

[Your name]

Thank you message for birthday greetings from Family

Similarly, saying thank you to a family need not require much complexity. This depends on how deep your relationship is with the person that you want to thank. In some cases, a simple ‘thanks’ can do the trick, but stronger relationship requires much more than that.

Here are some tips for writing thank you messages for birthday greetings to family

Hey Brother!

We haven’t seen you for almost a year and I hope that you’re doing well. I’ve got your greetings this morning and am surprised to see that you’re the first one to greet me! You really are my big brother!

I actually remembered my 7th birthday when you were also the first one to announce my big day back home – prompting everyone to greet me just the same. Too bad I won’t be receiving the same number of gifts I have back then.

Hope to you can come back home soon. We’ll be having a dinner tonight. We’ll call you.

Take care!

[Your name]

Dearest Mom and Dad,

Thanks for remembering my big day! Your text message woke me up. I also wasn’t expecting any gift from you to be honest. I thought gifts are just for kids J, but thanks for sending me the one that I’ve been wanting for years. More importantly, thanks for being there always.

I love you mama and papa.

[Your name]

thank you messagesThank you message for birthday greetings from Friends

A birthday greeting written for a friend would invite very similar considerations. How long have you known the friend, and what is most special to you about them? Many cards simply wish the recipient a happy day, but mentioning what is special to you about your friend reminds them why they are friends with you and provides them with a sense of validation.

Here are some wordings or samples:

My beloved friend,

I just your greeting card and it’s so sweet of you to send one. Thanks for remembering this special day. I may not spend it with you and our other friends now, but I know we’ll be having one celebration soon.

Thanks again [name]. Take care always!

[Your name]

Hello friends!

I think I have the longest list of birthday greetings in Facebook. A total of 500 greetings! Thanks for remembering this special day. This really made my day.

Thanks again everyone!

[Your name]

Thank you message for birthday greetings from Colleagues

If you are writing a greeting card for someone who you know through work, then you can mention things that refer to your working relationship. You can write them a warm message wishing them a wonderful day, and let them know that their colleague appreciates them.

Think about what makes them significant, and mention it. Do they have an interesting personality, or a good sense of humor? As well as strengthening your personal relationships, this will have the added benefit of appearing both professional and considerate in your workplace. Warm thoughts or best wishes are an example of how to end such a formal greeting.

Here are some examples

Dear [name],

I got your greetings over the weekend. I guess you now know why I filed for a vacation leave for two days. Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing you some goods once I report back in the office.

Thanks for the greeting!

[Your name]

However you choose to say it, a well written, thoughtful message in a card can be a powerful tool in helping to cement the bonds of any relationship. In the workplace, it can tell others that you are professional as well as considerate, and with a little practice and forethought anyone can learn how to write a thank you message for birthday greetings.  Here are some tips for writing birthday greetings to other people.

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