Crafting A Thank You Message For Teacher Without The Awkwardness

How do you write a thank you message for teacher without the awkwardness?

Writing a thank you message for a teacher can be a bit nerve-racking if you’re not sure what to say or how to say it.

Teachers are generally under appreciated, so sending them a thank you letter is always a good idea!

We’ll show you how to write a thank you message for a teacher for different occasions and how to present your letter to avoid awkwardness.

One thing to keep in mind about writing a thank you message for teacher is you don’t need to overthink it! There’s no need to write long paragraphs or thank them for every single detail that you’re happy about. Most teachers aren’t expecting anything, so your acknowledgment already means a lot to them.

It’s important not to go overboard in your thank you message, or you may come off as trying to suck up to your teacher. There’s a clear difference between showing appreciation and trying to get on your teacher’s “good side”.   A good thank you message for teacher will leave them feeling appreciated and not like you want to take advantage of them.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-11-28-24-pmA good thank you message for a teacher is short and quick to the point. Depending on the relationship you have with the teacher, you may want to include some humor or mention an inside joke in your letter. A few kind words will be appreciated much more than you think. However, if you’re writing a thank you message for teacher to improve your grades then you might be out of luck!

The following thank you message for teachers are for high school or university students who want to thank their teacher. You can use these thank you notes for before holidays or at the end of the semester/year.

Here are some sample thank you messages for teacher that you can use:

Dear _, thank you so much for your help and excellent classes. I’m really glad I ended up in your class! Happy Holidays


Mr/Mrs. ___ you’re awesome teachings have saved me from a semester of pain. Great classes and I really appreciate the effort you put into making the class fun. Thanks so much!

Dear _____, I would be remiss if I forgot to thank you for an enjoyable course this semester/year. You definitely made (insert class topic) much easier for me to understand and I’ve pulled out less of my hair compared to previous teachers. Thanks so much!

You make a topic like ___ so easy and fun to learn; I really have to let you know how much I appreciate your effort. Thank you!

Dear ___ I trust you more than Wikipedia and Spark Notes. ‘Nuff said. Thank you!

Dear ___ thank you for tolerating us for this year. Please enjoy your holidays because we’ll still be here when you get back 🙂

Thank You Message For Teacher On The Behalf Of Your Child

If you’re a parent, you may also want to send a thank you letter to your child’s teacher on behalf of your child. Most grade school teachers are severely under appreciated, and anyone dealing with a room full of kids under the age of 10 (maybe even 15) should be acknowledged and praised. If you notice a significant increase in your child’s interest in school and homework, then the teacher probably has something to do with it.

Here are some thank you messages for teacher appreciation you can use on behalf of your children:

Dear___ thanks for making such a positive impression on (insert your child’s name) this year. I haven’t seen him be this fond in of a teacher in a while! Great job and thank you so much!

Many thanks for being so patient throughout the year! T

hank you so much for your attention and great classes, (insert child’s name) seems to really enjoy learning from you! Thank you!


We know how tough your job is and how little acknowledgment you get. For what it’s worth, we really appreciate your effort and ability to keep (insert child’s name) interesting in school. Many thanks!

No matter how hard we as parents try, we know our child is going to bring home both good and bad from school. Because of this, we’re extremely grateful he gets to spend time with a great teacher like you! Thank you!

It’s very comforting to know (insert child’s name) is spending time every day with such a great teacher and influence! Thanks so much!

Appreciation Message When Your Teacher Is Out Sick

It’s also useful to have some thank you messages for teacher appreciation in case you find your teacher gets sick. A get well soon note can be a great gesture, but may be difficult to write. These thank you messages can be applied to any and every level of education. Teachers are people too and sometimes they are neglected while they are out ill! You can use the following templates to get you started:

Get well soon; the class misses your energy!

Wishing you a speedy recovery can’t wait to get you back!

Please take your time to get healthy!

Please get well soon, you’re my only hope this semester!

Sending many well wishes and a speedy recovery your way. Class isn’t the same without you!

How Do You Present A Thank You Message For Teacher?

You have a few options when it comes to delivery your thank you message to your teacher. Go with whichever option is most comfortable fro you and convenient.

Card –

You can always write your thank you message in a card for your teacher. A card is a nice gesture that shows the thought you put into writing and delivering the message.

You can deliver the card in person before or after class and give them an in-person thank you along with it. You can also slide the card under the door of your teacher’s office, or have the administration in your school put it in their mailbox.

Email –

Email is a pretty convenient way to send a thank you message for teacher, although it is a little impersonal. Email is useful if you’re sending a thank you to a teacher who is out sick or if you want to say thank you over the holidays.

When sending your thank you by email, the same principles apply. Don’t overthink the subject line, something simple like “Thank you!” or “Sending you my thanks” will work fine.  You can use a similar approach to writing thank you messages for business.

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for scenarios where you might need a thank you message for your teacher. A little acknowledgment always goes a long way. Bookmark this page to make writing thank you messages for teacher’s quick and easy.