Thank You Letter Template

Having a thank you letter template is always convenient.

Thank you letters are useful for many different situations, and you can use the same template with a few minor changes.

A good thank you letter template will save you time and effort. It can be easy to stress yourself out thinking about what to say in a thank you letter.

These thank you letter templates are here to help you out. Make sure you customize the language to suit your own needs and include any necessary information.  If you need to write a formal letter check out our advice here.

A good thank you letter opens up with a clear statement. Clearly state what you’re thanking the person for; you can get creative with your adjectives here. “Express my gratitude”, “I am humbled”, “ it was very pleasant” are some lines you can use to open up your letter. The way you open up your letter will depend on whom you’re sending the letter to and how formal you need to be. The best way to use thank you letter templates to your advantages is by making minor tweaks that turn them into great letters.

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If you’re writing a thank you letter for an internship, job shadowing opportunity or volunteer position there are a few key things you can includes. You can show your attentiveness by mentioning specific things you enjoyed about the event or specific things that happened during your time there. Be sure to thank the person for their attention and the opportunity provided to you.template for a thank you letter

If you’re having trouble writing a thank you letter, just stick to the basics and keep it simple. Just thanking someone for their time and effort they put in with meeting you goes a long way. If your thank you letter shows you respect the persons time and appreciate their efforts then it will be well received. You don’t always have to write a fancy letter with tons of adjectives. Sometimes keeping it simple works best, just like when writing letters to show your appreciation.  

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You can also use your thank you letter as an opportunity to nurture relationships. Don’t be afraid to express how much you look forward to seeing/working/volunteering with the person again. You can also express your interest in any available opportunities that the company has. Thank you letters can be used as great techniques to bridge gaps in newly forming professional relationships.  They can also help to amplify a well organized resume.  A good thank you letter will point out noticeable things about your resume.

Here is a basic thank you letter template for you to follow

Dear _____

Thank you for _____


I want to express my gratitude for_____


I really appreciate ______

Middle section – make connection to the person or to the event/thing you are thanking them for

I really enjoyed_____


_____ really stood out to me


I am grateful I got to experience _____

Closing section

Again thank you for ____ I hope to see/meet with/volunteer with etc. you soon


Thank you for taking the time to speak with/meet with etc.


Thank you for your consideration


I really enjoyed our time together at _____ I look forward to working with you again in this capacity in the near future

Here’s how to write a thank you letter to your colleagues