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Sample Thank You Letters For An Interview

These sample thank you letters for an interview will help you stand out from other candidates.

You’ll need these sample thank you letters for an interview to help you write a letter that flows smoothly and forces you to stand out.

Make life easy on yourself and use this article to advantage. Save some sample letter templates that you can quickly edit depending on the situation. There’s no need to write a 100% new letter for every interview, all you need to do is pick an appropriate tone.

The goal of a sample thank you letter for an interview is to hopefully influence the interviewers decision. A well-written letter will bring up points from the interview, highlight your top skills and respectfully shows your interest and enthusiasm for the position. While we say letter in this article, it’s obvious the preferred method of communication for most companies is email. A hand written letter can show initiative and may be worth doing if you can get it there in time, but for the most part these types can be applied to your email for after an interview.

The first section of your thank you letter for after an interview should start with thanking the person for their time. Acknowledge how you enjoyed discussing the position and how you left the interview feeling positive and motivated. It may be prudent to also include how you’ll value the experience regardless if you’re awarded the position.  If you need help, follow this thank you letter template.

Ideally, the next section on your letter should bring up something specific to the interview. It’s important to look for things to bring up in your letter while you’re in the actual interview. This makes the letter more personable and shows how attentive you can be. Pay attention to possible comments you were given, or things on your resume they were impressed with. You can also mention some shared commonalities, such as shared Alma maters. Basically, you want to make a connection with the person you’re writing the letter to.

sample letter for quitting a jobAfter you’ve made your connection, it’s time to bring up your skills that make you a good fit for the position. Again, pay attention during the interview and see if you can spot any skills of yours they were impressed with. Also be on the lookout for potential needs that the interviewer might mention. Sometimes they may give you clues as to what they are looking for in an employee. If you can spot these clues and insert them in your letter, you’ll put yourself steps ahead of the competition.

If you’re having trouble finding instances from the interview to make a connection over, just stick to the facts and basics. Really emphasize your strong points and show them different gaps your skills can help fill. Being a team player, knowing how to work independently and knowing when to lead, are all valued qualities that can help you stand out.

When writing a sample thank you letter for an interview, first consider how you want to be perceived. This will depend on the type of job and position you’re applying for. Sometimes a professional persona may be more appropriate than a personal tone in your letter. It’s important to make this judgment correctly; otherwise your letter can backfire.  Reading up on how to write a letter appreciation will also make your interview letter easier to write.

Sample thank you letter for an interview #1

Hello ____ It was great meeting with you today! I really enjoyed the conversation we had and left feeling energized. Thank you for making the time to meet with me!

I want to emphasize the impact I feel I can bring to your (team, department or insert position). I remember you saying ________ about the position and feel my skills align perfectly with what you need.

Thanks again for meeting with me and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Sample thank you letter for an interview #2

Dear ___

I’m reaching out to thank you for your time today. I felt our meeting was very productive and I was glad to be able to be apart of the process.

In addition to (insert relevant skill that they were impressed with) I have practical experience that provides me with great judgment as a (insert position). I have reliable time management skills and can be trusted efficiently execute on tasks with minimal supervision.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.


Sample thank you letter for an interview #3

Dear/Hello/Hi ____

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me regarding the (insert position). The details about (insert topic you discussed) seem really intriguing and I left the interview feeling amped to learn more.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I bring excellent time management, organization (insert a few industry related skills) to the team. I am a great team player and can assume leadership roles in necessary. I’m confident that (insert company) is a place I can learn a lot from that will advance me both personally and professionally.

I enjoyed my time speaking with you today and appreciate your consideration.

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