letter for quitting your job

Sample Letter For Quitting A Job

A sample letter for quitting a job helps you avoid you avoid awkwardness and uncertainty when leaving your job.

This article will include multiple sample letters for quitting a job that will help make your transition process smoother.

Creating a quality letter for quitting a job involves showing your regret for moving on, giving your reason for leaving (if necessary) and thanking the company for your time there. This is probably the most important part of an exit letter, to show you appreciated the time and experience.  You don’t want them to feel as if you took your time for granted, just waiting to move on.  You can use the same techniques as an appreciation letter or even a formal letter for this type of letter.

Before sending off your letter for quitting a job make sure you include a few basic things. You should write the letter on a company letterhead and make certain that all the names responsible for hiring or for your personal supervision are included on the letter. You also want to include the date and address to make for a professional letter of resignation.

Not only does your letter let people know you’ve quit, it’s also a legal record that that documents the date people were notified of your departure. Because of this, it’s worth it to organize your letter professionally.

This article will give you a few sample letters for quitting a job that you can use as templates. Simply change the wording and information to suit your needs.  You can get thank you letter templates here.  Here’s how to write a letter to request vacation time.

Sample letter for quitting a job


I regret to inform you that on (today’s date) I am formally submitting my two-week notice. I have more than enjoyed my time at ___, but because of ____ it’s time for me to move on.

I humbly thank you for the opportunity to work here over the last ____ years. The experience and relationships I’ve gained have been invaluable and I can only hope I’ve provided (company name) with as much value as they have enriched my life with.

My last day will be _____.  Again, I sincerely appreciate the time spent and experiences I have gained here at ____

Sincerely (your name)

Sample letter for quitting a job when you can’t give two weeks notice

Dear ____

Please accept this letter as my formal notification that I am resigning from my position with (company name). I am familiar with the policy that two week’s notice is standard. However, if possible, I would greatly appreciate you releasing me from my position as soon as possible. If I can do anything to help facilitate the process (train new employees etc.) I would be more than happy to help.

Thank you for all the experience I have gained over the last ___ years. The professional and personal development that (company name) has allowed me to enjoy has been nothing of phenomenal.

Please let me know your decision regarding the end date of my employment.


Sample letter for quitting a job and inquiring about your benefits

Dear __

It is with deep regret that I am writing to you to inform you of my resignation from (insert company) effective (insert date).

I want to acknowledge how much I have enjoyed my time with (insert company) and extend my genuine thanks for all the experiences we have shared. My personal and professional life have changed for the better thanks for the growth my time here has allowed me.

Our contract requires me to give two weeks notice hence my exit date of (insert date). If I have any outstanding annual leave, vacation pay or other benefits, please let me know how much and how it will be delivered to me.

Again, thank you for the time and experience I’ve had with (insert company). Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to aid the transition process.


letter for quitting your job

Sample letter for quitting a job when you can’t give two weeks notice #2

Dear ___

This letter is to inform you that I have accepted a new position and that I will be resigning from my current position from (company name). I want to express gratitude for the rewarding experiences your company has allowed me to have. I feel fortunate to have experienced life with (company name)

This was not an easy decision to come to. I hope you can respect my choice in this matter. I believe this to be a necessary step for my personal and professional development.

My main concerns now are to wrap up an extended projects that I am involved with and do whatever I can to help turn my responsibilities over in a smooth manner. I would like to join my new position as soon as possible, so I humbly ask that my termination notice is waived.

Please let me know if this is possible and if there is anything I can do to speed up the transition process.

Formal resignation letter

Dear ___

This letter is to formally notify you of my resignation from my position as Senior Administrative Assistant (insert your own position) with (company name). My last day will be two weeks from now on (insert date)

I am  extremely grateful for the opportunities, experiences and relationships this position as allowed me to foster. I am leaving this position full of positive thoughts and feelings and remain extremely grateful for the opportunity. I wish you and the company much success in the future.


Remember to update your resume after you leave your position.  Here’s how to organize your resume.