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How To Write A Job Letter?

When applying for any position, sending out your resume is not enough. As a resume is just an outline of your skills and qualifications. You need to get some help by the words explaining, why you are the best choice for the said post.

A job letter or a cover letter is used for this purpose. It’s the golden opportunity to convince the employer for giving you the chance. There are certain rules and regulations, following which can create the best job letter for you.  Remember to properly organize your resume before submitting it.


As it’s a job letter, the length should be controlled. It must not be more than a single sided page. Containing a few paragraphs, each of it should be separated with a proper space. Use the standard alignment that is commonly used for the documentation (one margin with text, aligned to the left).  Follow the same format as a thank you letter for an interview.


Do not deviate from the traditional font style for creating anything innovative. Calibri, Times New Roman, and Ariel are the most suitable font styles for business letter writings. The font size should be between 10 to 12.

The Header

Give it a start with your contact information that may include your name, address, phone, and email. Followed by date and then the office address of your employer. This may include his name, title, company, address and zip code etc.


Keep the salutations simple. Choose the words like Mr., Ms., or Dear, with the last name.  Follow the same tips as when organizing an appreciation letter.


The introduction part is an area that relates all the info about, where you heard about this job and also mention the name of the person associated with the company, who have informed you about this specific post (if any). Describe briefly how your qualifications make the best match for this particular post or position.

The next paragraph should contain the info about why you have applied for this job and in what way you may be beneficial for the company. This is the best area to elaborate your abilities and skills mentioned in the resume. Doing it in bullet format would make it easy for the employer to go through it.


The closing paragraph should be used to recapitulate briefly all your skills that make you the best candidate for this job. Describe briefly, what you aim to do for the betterment of the company. Do not forget to thank the employer for considering you, in a formal sentence like thanks for your consideration. It should be followed by your typed name and handwritten signature.

Proof Reading

Lastly, do not forget to proofread your letter. There might be many typo and grammatical errors. Make sure you have checked them all.