Business Thank You Messages That Help You Stand Out

Throughout the business days there are many occasions on which we need to thank someone but we rarely do, it can either be said verbally or in a formally written style business thank you messages and the times when this needs to be done even if it maybe business or personal, the message should be sent according to the relation.

Few things are needed to be kept in mind when writing business thank you messages, the most important is that you send it as soon as possible after the event so that it doesn’t lose its charm because a delay might seem like an obligatory. In the starting one should mention the reason for sending it, again which can be done by thanking the particular person or people, so that no confusion arises on the purpose to the message.

Here are sample thank you message from a manager to his direct reports.

Ara & Team,

The project has been completed last weekend and the results are very excellent. The time and effort that you have exerted really bore fruit. Thank you for everything and congratulations on the job well done.



Johan and Tobey, t

he client wrote to me about the experience she had with you two. You really impressed her and she said high regard about your performance and business acumen. I sincerely thank you for living up to the company’s mission. A job well done indeed.

Again, thank you very much!



Do not bore the reader by making it too long, make sure your message is short and covers the purpose. It can be hand written or typed. One should make it affectionate by making it personal and direct but do maintain the balance and don’t over talk about it.

The priority should be writing it individually to a person and not a group, in fact it should be for the main person and it should have him mentioned with the purpose of the sender’s regard and heartily thank you to the other members as well, naming the other people is perfect, but if possible.

Give your business thank you messages a good closing or ending which is what the reader looks forward to, an example of a good closing is to thank again. Showing your gratitude in the letter is more likely to make the other person be again generous next time. Being thankful is very easy but saying it is different so it’s important to make sure it expresses it well.

When not sure what to write, then the alternative for that is to send a nice small thoughtful email which says it. In the end it should be proofread to check grammar, typos and correct names. To make it look nicer don’t forget to put the signatures in the end.

Other sample thank you messages are as follows:

For direct reports

Hello Mark,

The response from the client has been overwhelming. You really have turned around the mess that we’ve encountered at the start of the month. Thank you for the efforts that you’ve given for the past weeks. The extra hours that you’ve put in to work not only meant very much to the department, but to the whole organization as well.



For colleagues:

Hi Karl and Keren, t

he two of you have been consistently helping me finish my report for the past week. I really have nothing else to say but thank you for the help that you have been providing to me. You are my inspiration to complete this project in the coming months.

Thanks again for the help!



For your boss:

Hello Pia,

I wrote this note to appreciate the wonderful environment you have provided to us, we are very grateful and wish to work with a boss like you forever!